Water is our element

With our extensive fleet and modern means of transportation, we offer products and services for the inland water and sea shipping industry. The modern tank barges and tank ships of Jongen are frequently used for the transport and storage of wastewater.
On request, Jongen GmbH can offer a large capacity of tank storage for the transport of liquid goods, such as diesel, gasoline or fire-fighting water.

DT106/DS124 double hull disposal ship

Type N closed
Load capacity 875 to.

Tow boats for the application and collecting of oil barriers

Six boats are available for all the oil spill control and cleaning.

Oil spill response vessel QUINTUS

Two skim arms (15 meter)
shallow draft (25m³)
Load capacity 132,5 to.

Multi purpose vessel QUANTUM

Typ N closed
Load capacity 643 to.
High pressure unit (hot water)


With our professional equipment and environmental friendly cleaning and oil control products, our qualified operational team provides fast environmental protection in the maritime sector.